The "LMI" Company

Laser Melting Innovations ("LMI") is dedicated to making it easier for companies of all types and sizes to access innovative additive manufacturing technologies.

Our goal

Laser Melting Innovations („LMI“) has dedicated itself to significantly simplify the access to metal 3d-printing. We believe that companies should have access to 3d-metal-printing technology regardless of their size and or the sector they are active.

With more than 20 years of experience in additive manufacturing, our team possess profound expertise in the installation and process engineering as well as training & consulting. Our diverse competence builds the base that allows us to regularly challenge the status quo and to set new standards.

The Alpha 140

Founding and History

1996 until now

In the mid-1990s selective laser melting is developed and patented at the Fraunhofer ILT in Aachen. Since then it has been continuously developed and adapted to the scientific and technical progress.


Founding of the cooperative project "Aachener center for 3D-Printing". The aim of the project is to simplify the access to additive manufacturing technologies for SME.


Development and construction of an innovative SLM maschine, which eliminates expensive optical and mechanical components.


Successful completion of the build phase and first exhebition of the prototype at the formnext in Frankfurt.


Transfer of the prototype to an industry-compatible system and founding of LMI – Laser Melting Innovations.


Cooperation with Kurtz Ersa to market the Alpha 140 via the worldwide distribution network with 24-hour service.


LMI offers customised development services in the field of additive manufacturing.