Completed projects

Alpha 140 LPBF machine
cost-efficent, modular, intuitive

The entry into the additive manufacturing of metals is associated with high investment costs and is accompanied by challenges in terms of technological knowledge. The Alpha 140 was designed with the aim of keeping the complexity of the machine as low as possible. One outstanding feature is the laser deflection, which was solved in the Alpha 140 using a cost-effective Cartesian axis system.

A major advantage is the high degree of flexibility in the machine configuration. This includes adapting the size of the installation space, selecting the laser beam source or integrating additional sensors or actuators.

The Alpha 140 combines innovative additive manufacturing technology with simple operation at low system costs and offers an optimal solution for the tool-free production of metal parts, especially for universities, institutes and SMEs.

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Development & installation of special machines
e.g. wire - laser deposition welding

One exciting project that we were able to successfully complete is the integration of a miniaturized LMD head with ring optics, which was developed and used at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology. The special feature of this LMD head is the optical beam guidance, which enables a ring focus in the center of which the welding wire is guided.

In our collaboration with the ILT, we were able to integrate this special head successfully into one of our machines. All axes, the wire feed and the laser control were adapted to the special requirements of the process and could be freely parameterized.

Special optics for a wide range of laser applications

e.g. horizontal optics for high laser power

As diverse as laser applications are, special solutions for optical systems are always required. Be it the use of a new laser source, the adjustment of the working distance or the installation of a special cooling system.

We are happy to support you with the design, implementation and analysis of your optical system.

Powder extraction system
inert and in a closed gas circuit

The handling of metal powder is coupled with high demands on safety and comfort. The powder handling system developed by LMI enables powder extraction in an inert and closed gas circuit and can be retrofitted to machines of all types and scaled in size with a few adjustments.

Nitrogen generator as a build-in module
saves space, costs and handling effort 

In collaboration with a manufacturer of nitrogen generators, we were able to develop a module that can be integrated into a 19-inch rack. The advantages of the generator itself are extended by this space-saving solution and enable direct integration with the machine.

In-House AM-production
Prototype, small series or feasibility study

The operation of our self-built and cost-effective LPBF machines enables us to offer you cost-effective metal components. Whether stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum or nickel-based alloys. We will be happy to manufacture your components for you or test and analyze your special material. In cooperation with our partner companies and with access to a wide range of analysis options from neighboring institutes, we can implement projects from small to large.

Data management for decentralized production

ProCloud3D was developed in collaboration with WIBU-Systems AG, the DAP of RWTH Aachen University and LMI as part of a BMBF-funded project. It enables a decentralized production process (e.g. at the print service provider) without the complete transmission of digital models. This guarantees both the protection of design know-how and the control and tracking of the number of components to be manufactured.

  • Secure data exchange while protecting the property rights of a digital model
  • End-to-end workflow from the end user to the machine operator's 3D printer
  • Controllable number of printed components
  • Standardized interfaces within the digital data chain

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