The Alpha 140

The Alpha 140 combines innovative additive manufacturing technology with simple operation at low system costs. The Alpha 140 offers an optimal solution for the tool-free production of metal parts, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

The Alpha 140

Performance and precision

An air-cooled fiber laser with 200W power offers optimal properties for processing stainless steel, nickel alloys, tool steel alloys and aluminium alloys. The focus diameter of 140 µm enables the production of fine details and thin wall thicknesses. Layer thicknesses between 30 µm and 90 µm and the open process parameters allow a production process optimized depending on the component and material.

Cheetah radiator figure as Voronoi structure with 7 cm height.
Cheetah radiator figure as Voronoi structure with 7 cm height.
Inert gas and axis system of the Alpha 140.
Inert gas and axis system of the Alpha 140.

Build space and footprint

The Alpha 140 offers a round build space with 140 mm diameter and 200 mm height. A spindle-driven axis system enables high positioning and repeat accuracy of the laser system. The system size of the machine with a footprint of 1,70 m x 0,95 m allows space-efficient use in production environments and research laboratories.

Process materials

The components produced on the Alpha 140 achieve strengths comparable to those of conventional LPBF machines and densities of up to 99.9%. Available materials and parameter sets for the Alpha 140 include stainless steels, tool steels, nickel-based alloys (e.g. IN625 und IN718) as well as aluminium alloys (e.g. AlSi7Mg). The open system design enables in-house material qualification and material development.

Jet Engine Exhaust made out of Inconel 718.
Jet Engine Exhaust made out of Inconel 718.

Integrierte Pulverabsaugung

The integrated powder extraction enables the removal of non-fused powder directly in the machine without a separate powder removal station. With the aid of the integrated gloves, the powder can be extracted directly from the already inert construction chamber. The de-powdered component can thus be quickly and easily removed from the machine. Extracted powder is collected in the powder collection container, which can then be sieved and reused.

Process stabilizing inert gas flow

The laser optics, which is guided coaxially to the powder bed, enables a constant focus diameter in the entire build space. A laminar inert gas flow creates optimal process conditions for the inert welding process and for the protection of the laser optics.

A nitrogen generator that can be optionally integrated into the machine housing enables an autonomous operation without additional external inert gas supply and reduces the process costs.

Integrated solution

With LMI SliceAM, we offer our own software for data preparation: Perfectly adapted to user and machine. Preset parameter sets for data preparation without previous knowledge. The software offers the possibility to influence process parameters extensively and a simple generation of support structures.

The integration of the Alpha 140 in Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Netfabb enables the complete additive manufacturing workflow in one software package. From component design and simulation to the generation of support structures and data preparation for the Alpha 140, more information on the integration in Fusion 360 can be found here.

Engine bracket: Designed and prepared for the Alpha 140 with Autodesk Fusion 360.
Engine bracket: Designed and prepared for the Alpha 140 with Autodesk Fusion 360.

Distribution and Support

The Alpha 140 will be marketed immediately through Kurtz Ersa´s worldwide distribution network. A worldwide 24-hour service is thus also available. The numerous Kurtz Ersa demo centers will be equipped with machines step by step.

The Kurtz Ersa sales team would be pleased to present you project and financing possibilities.

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Technical specifications of the Alpha 140

 Technical specifications Alpha 140 (Englisch)
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