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At LMI, we understand the dynamics of constantly evolving manufacturing technologies and are happy to support you with your projects.

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We have the privilege of working closely with first-class research institutes and universities from our headquarters. This close cooperation enables us to always be at the cutting edge of technology and to integrate innovative approaches into our services.

With over 20 years of experience in LPBF technology and related processes, we are experts in this field. Our know-how covers the entire value chain, from component design for additive manufacturing to process development, including material and sample analysis. As a development service provider, we are your partner for innovative solutions in additive manufacturing and beyond.

The Alpha 140

Machine development and special machine construction

Together with you, we implement your product idea or develop solutions for your special process based on existing systems. From LPBF customised machines to stand-alone machines and 3D printing peripherals, we support you in your product development. You benefit from our experience in machine development right up to the series-production-ready product and our in-house expertise in all important development areas such as design, PLC and software development as well as simulation and process know-how.

Component redesign for 3D printing

We can help you redesign and adapt existing products for 3D printing to optimise your components in terms of weight or topology, or to ensure cost-effective and safe printability. Our team of experts brings creative solutions to fully exploit the benefits of 3D printing and improve your products.

LPBF process development

We support you in the further development and optimisation of the LPBF process. Our team has extensive experience in the development of process parameters and qualification of materials for the LPBF process. We work closely with you to develop component-specific parameters for you to ensure a smooth process.

PLC - Development

Our experts develop customised programmable logic controllers and programs to operate your individual application or machine.

Flow simulations

With the help of flow simulations, we optimise the gas flow in your LPBF systems to achieve uniform distribution of the process gas and the best results.

Software development

From process monitoring applications to data analysis, we develop software solutions that support and improve your production processes.

Sample and material analysis

Together with our partners, we offer comprehensive analysis methods for the qualification of your raw material or your test objects. From chemical and geometric powder analysis to density evaluation and mechanical strength analysis, relevant characteristic values can be determined to ensure that your production quality meets the highest standards.

Optics design and analysis

We are happy to support you in designing your optical system specifically for your application. Whether special beam shape or the use of novel beam sources. Together with our partners, we help you with the implementation and analysis.


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